Private Demonstration

Would you like to book me for a Private Demonstration at home or in my facilities the following rules apply;

You need to be between 8-12 people and the cost is 300 kr/pers. If you are fewer than 8 it is ok, but you still need to pay for 8 people. Here I try to keep this number of people since my hope is to be able to give everyone a message. I cannot guarantee this, but I do try to arrange the most conducive conditions for it.

If you would like me to come home to your place and you live within Västerås-area the travel expenses are included, but if you live outside and up to 1 hour travelling time, an additional 500kr will be added for travel expenses. If you prefer to come to my facilities you are more than welcome and it is no extra charge involved. You cannot get access to the facility in advance before the demonstration, since I need to arrange seating as well as prepare myself for the event.

Are you interested in booking me for a Public Demonstration instead, that is also fine.

If you are interested to book me for this then just get in touch with me and we can schedule a date which suits us both. You pay 3 days in advance via Swish: 123 192 5262

For more information about demonstrations - se the tabs Mediumship/Demonstrations

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